Italian Farmhouse Kitchen

As promised, here is kitchen design option two for the Miller House. For this option, we're going a little more traditional—painted cabinets for budget, in a warm, neutral tone with brass details and textured tile for depth. Give it a scroll for the inspiration and the specifics.

To follow our ‘Italian farmhouse’ concept, I started thinking about the simplicity of a century-old farmhouse kitchen in the Italian countryside. Using that idea as the starting point, it informed a move to more time-worn traditional elements, like neutral shaker cabinets with brass hardware. Keeping in mind that this is a new build and not, in fact, a century-old home, we’ll mix in elements that feel modern-vintage.

For example, I’ve chosen a Kallista One faucet in unlaquered brass—a very modern silhouette in a classical finish that will patina gracefully over time. These sort of juxtapositions will help it feel lived-in and timeless while also looking at home in this new house. Melding the old and new feels cozy and effortless all at once.

The painted cabinets (looking at Benjamin Moore Moon Shadow) and unlaquered brass details will be in the company of quiet, light quartz countertops in a matte finish and textured zellige tile in a white glaze. The sequin-like tile will add much-needed depth to the room in a subtle way. A beautiful Bertazzoni range in white enamel will be the focal point of the kitchen, beneath a neutral, plaster-finished, built-in range hood. To add one more grounding, modern element, I’d love to do something like this Menu fixture over the island. The whole space comes together with a timeless simplicity that evokes peacefulness.


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The other applicances will be unoffending stainless steel that sort of fades away, not drawing any extra attention to itself. ALSO, we finally learned how to render with the SketchUp plugin Podium and I included some of our renders of this kitchen design. Thanks for reading and looking, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Porter_MillerHouse_v3_kitchen 2019-03-24 00061900000.PNG
MillerHouse_Official_v1 2019-03-24 20145100000.png
Porter_MillerHouse_v3_kitchen 2019-03-24 10140500000.png